Film Class for Kids!








NOW is the Moment 

to Be Part of the Change.



With so much happening around us, yet so much of our world temporarily shut down, there has rarely been a time so ripe for creative expression.


The Irvington Theater is excited to announce the debut of a collaborative, virtual filmmaking program for children ages 11-16, Videos for Change, developed by internationally-acclaimed nonprofit High Resolves.* 


The program will run from July 13-24.  Each student will learn how to research and craft a key message and storyboard — then create, edit and promote a one-minute film about a social justice issue that they care about. 


Students will work both independently (online via OpenLearning, an innovative, global education platform) and virtually with a teacher (via Zoom). No prior filmmaking experience is required; participants are welcome to use any technology they have on hand — from a smartphone to a digital camera. The July 13-24 session will comprise approximately 15 hours a week followed by a virtual festival and celebration of the students’ films presented by the Irvington Theater. Space is limited, so please register as soon as possible. Tuition is $100 for the two-week program.


Check out this video to see what it's all about! 


*High Resolves is an award-winning leader in the design and delivery of immersive citizenship education experiences.


Videos for Change was launched by High Resolves program to enable students to practice social advocacy and build confidence through a real-world application. The program offers a simple yet powerful way to help young people get involved, be creative, and let their voices be heard!



If interested, please email: