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photograph by Sarah Palermo


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ITHT Sound System Tech. Specs

General Description

The sound system is an all Meyer speaker installation with L/R  proscenium wall mounted speakers, a line-array center cluster, delayed under-balcony fill speakers and subwoofers mounted under the stage thrust. The FOH mix positon is located in the rear center of the balcony. A DSP drive unit can be configured to run the system in stereo, LCR, or can divide the system into L/C/R with separate gain control(s) for the subwoofers and under-balcony fills.

Detailed Description of Speakers

The left/right wall mounted proscenium speakers are two (2) Meyer UPA1-P loudspeakers. The center cluster line-array speakers are five (5) Meyer  M1D loudspeakers. The sub woofers mounted L/R under the stage thrust are two (2)  Meyer USW-1P sub woofers (2- 15” woofers in each) The under-balcony fill speakers are  four (4) Meyer MM-4 loudspeakers (4” driver in each). All Meyer loudspeakers are self-powered with the exception of the MM-4 units. They are driven by a QSC RMX-5050 power amp located at the FOH mix position in the balcony.

FOH Mix position equipment

The FOH mixing console is a Yamaha M7CL-32. The board has 32 mic preamps with four (4) stereo inputs. The board has sixteen mixes that can be used for subgrouping, monitors or effects.  There are 32 mic lines with 10 return lines coming from a stage snake located SR. The system DSP is a Meyer Galileo 408. The unit has been configured into three groups as described above. All of the drive lines to the speakers terminate at the 408 with XLR connectors.  The 408 provides system EQ, compression and delay settings. All settings are pre-set. Changes can be made only via secured laptop with the proper system software. Other FOH hardware includes; Tascam CC-222 MK III CDR/cass. recorder/player, Tascam MD-301 MK II minidisc recorder/player.

Monitor Equipment

There are six (6) monitor cabinets, four (4) EV SXa 360 self-powered, bi-amped cabinets and two (2) EV SX-300’s. Each cabinet has a 12” woofer and 1” HF horn. The passive wedges are powered by a Crown CE-1000 located SR near the stage snake boxes.

Microphones, Stands and Cabling

four (4) Shure SM-58’s

four (4) SM-57’s

four (4) Audio Technica  AT RX 853 overhead choral mics

three (3) Crown PCC 160 boundary/floor mics

two (2) Shure  UT-4 wireless systems with handheld SM-58’s

one (1) AMT M40 Piano Mic

one (1) round base

four (4) with tripods and booms.

The house cabling includes 25’ and 50’ mic cables.


Clear Com CS-210 Mainstation with six (6) wired belt pacs

Projection Screen

DaLite 12 high x16 wide 36 feet throw Screen aspect 2.35 Projector Sanyo PLC-XP57L 5500 lumens High Definition compatible with 1080-60i, 1080-50i resolution xGA 1024 x 768 Contrast ratio 1000:1 Audio adapted to MIC or line level stereo inputs to House Meyer PA System


Sanyo PLC-XP57L 5500 lumens High Definition compatible with 1080-60i, 1080-50i resolution xGA 1024 x 768 Contrast ratio 1000:1

Sony BDP-S480 Blu-Ray/DVD Player


Yamaha C6 Grand Piano

Yamaha Professional Studio Upright Piano

(updated 1/30/14, R. Frame, ITHT House Tech.)